Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good or Bad: What You Need to Know About Yourself

"We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are." - Sirius Black, (Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix)
I was driving one day to a place that is unknown for me.  I usually get directions from someone that knows the place, get a map from Google but very seldom just follow the signs and try to widow myself to the road and end up getting the right directions.  On the road just before you reach (I think it is called) a fork road, this lets you choose which directions.  In most cases the two paths leads you to two different directions and some leads you to same direction (I guess it might be the other way is thru the city proper that goes and meet the same path at the end with the other direction).  Either way, you will make a choice, right?  This makes me always think about the quote that I place above.  Because certain situation have a fork path.  That have either the same result or have two different results.  It is really only a matter of choosing which to one to act with.  Either your good side or the bad side.
But why we are always getting caught up with something that suppose to be simple with something complex?  It is called life challenges and we really need to choose which behavior we need to act upon.  As always you want to be on the right side, right?  No one wants to be the bad guy in a story.
OK so what do you need to know about yourself?  Answer is "Everything".  I know it is far-fetched, but if you can get close to knowing your 'every' self, it is good.  Because it only shows that you care about being good and staying good.  You can do some self test that you can find.  Or have a trusted friend to find time to ask if you have done something correctly.  If you are getting feedbacks that you don't like, bow your head a little to show and feel humility.  Don't get back by blaming others.  It is your own doing and it is not bad getting negative feedback from a friend.  If they are true, they will give you what the picture looks like, not what you want to hear.

Question and Answer Portion
Ask yourself simple questions for starters.  Like, would you rather steal or make a living to live?  Now that is really simple.  Start making up questions that you will answer, write it down so you can see yourself.  Then start asking complex questions like, would you chose to leave someone you care about for common good?  Now that is a question.  I know that you can come up with a list.

Frustration is a Result of Many Things Around and Within You
Now, even if you have done everything by the book, have been good and straight with what you are doing and end up not getting the expected result, for sure you will feel frustrated.  But remember there are factors around you for the reason of why the result did not turned out the way that you have imagined it.  Stop beating yourself, blaming others or worst, changing your point of view and start to act bad about it, like you want revenge.  As long as you know deep down you have done it as good as you have done it without hurting others, there is a big reason why you did not get a specific desired result.  At the end, as they say, what matters is how you play the game, the winning part is really just a bonus.

Wrap Up
What really matters is that even if you did not get what you want, if you connect the dots backwards and found that you have acted on the good side it is always that you will feel good about yourself.  With a little feeling of self pity that will really go away, I promise, but you would not want to connect the dots backwards after winning what you want but you have played it dirty by acted bad about it.  You will not really enjoy the triumph.  Not even a bit.

Thanks for reading.  This is the one that I have really enjoyed writing.  Please drop any comments or suggestions.  Until next time.