Sunday, April 28, 2013

Evolve: How to Adapt with Our Changing World.

The world is fast changing as we know it.  What we may know today may not be relevant after a few years.  What you are good about this day, may be will not be any good to anyone after a few years.  World is changing and evolving, so as our society, culture and everything else under the sun.

That is why you may notice a change of taste, for example, music.  You may remember when you first learn to appreciate music that is being played on the radio.  And after years past, you will sound like a grown up who tells you when you pump up the volume for your favorite song, "Turn the volume down."

Things change, and so as the world around us.  What don't change, I guess is our so called ability to adapt.  Adapting is one of the character of humans that have been unique from other creatures.  Yeah, some creature as you may see from educational television stations that they know how to adapt.  But not like us.

And as much as we honestly react to changes as something, "Yeah, that is what we need" but we usually have the first reaction as a bit violent or negative.  We don't like changes.  If we became comfortable then lose the sense of comfort, we will start to be a bit territorial when it comes to changes.  That is our animal instinct.

But really, why do things change around us?  Why do we need to adapt to the ever changing world?  And what good is a change really is?

Someone told me from where I am working that the only constant thing is change.  I have not agreed to that saying, until I notice a couple of news running around these days.  Change really is depending about how you thing it will go to.  Is it a change that will result to a bad outcome or was it the change that you are waiting for.

If you notice that a change will result to a bad outcome and there is no stopping what will change, then that is the time that you need to start planning ahead to be prepared.  I read about something called a new strain of flu causing the death of two men.  The sudden change of having to fight a certain disease to keep it from spreading is really challenging to everyone.  If a certain disease will reach a community that don't have any preparation will surely find themselves in a battle without proper tools.

Adapting will start from having as much information as you can get.  Read news, talk to people, TV are good place to start.  There are information that you may filter, because not all of them may be as helpful as the other one, but still a quick glance will still start something.

Then start educating yourself about it by reading.  This is where the internet will be really helpful.

Adapting does not mean, changing your principles.  But you must add to your principle that you have to be flexible, not to be too aggressive with change and try not to always oppose.  Opinions does matter but  being open minded is also not a bad idea.  Always remember that when to stop and pause for awhile and try to analyze things around and within you before making any decision.  It is not promoting procrastination but when you don't know what affect the changes around you it is really a good idea to stop and think for awhile before moving forward.

My conclusion is that the world change also depending on our demands and we are part of the world around us, so stop complaining and try to analyze what is happening around then move forward.  Try not to be too negative about a change by opposing and being a hard headed.  Be flexible by having options instead of having one decision.  This way, you are prepared for what will ever happen.

Comments and suggestions are always helpful guys.  Why not drop and thought below and share what you think about my essays?  Thanks.  Until next time.