Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fear, As We Know It: 5 Ways to Overcome Fear

Note: This Blog is not a spoiler, representing and promoting the upcoming movie After Earth.

Earlier this month, I was watching videos on YouTube just to relax my mind.  Then I came across this trailer by a movie that will be showing this June.  After Earth, from what I know is a remake and a possible book.  It stars father and son Will and Jaden Smith, about survival that is set in the future, somewhat 1000 years from now.

There was this line during the trailer that was voice over by Will "Fear does not exists, it is just a product of our thoughts, it is a choice.  But danger does exists." and he said something being prepared about the danger out there.  My apologies if the quote is not precise but hopefully I am not messing the idea.

Fear is so much as what was explained above.  Fear is really just a choice.  It is like, I fear big bugs, I have a choice to be scared or just to be aware that they are just bugs.  I am scared may be is because when I was little, I have not really overcome that particular fear.  May be if I have, for once faced my fears, my story will be a little different.

Fear will always revisit anyone.  Even the bravest of them all have their fears.  But how did they overcome them?  How did they became successful to the point that they became fearless and just won every battle in their lives.

For me, this is something I am still working with.  Overcoming fear and being prepared for the danger around me.  I will try to list some of what might work.  After all, what we should only fear about fear is fear itself.

1. Faith

I am not a religious person, but I believe that there is a higher form of being guiding us, writing our future, keeping us strong, providing us obstacles, teaching us about life, and looking after us.  Look and search yourself for what or who is it that makes you strong.  Cling on that thought for as long as you can.  And also believe in yourself that you can overcome fear.

2. Accept

Learn to accept that not all of us have the same paths in life.  If your level of fear is high, it might be because of your past experiences.  Accept that if you have not faced you fears due to someone is always helping you (for example in my case, my family) then just accept that you have been taken cared of by people who love you.  And if you have come across people that have a low level of fear inside of them, most likely their back story might be somewhat different.  So accept that what ever you are fearing about is just a product of your thoughts that have been also a product of your everyday surroundings.

3. Be Strong

It is OK to have fear.  For example, it is OK to be scared when you do something for the first time.  It is a natural reaction.  But don't let it stand in your way between what you want to achieve.  I remember when I was trying to learn to ride a bicycle.  I never remember someone teaching me.  I remember though that I just took my big sister's bike and started to paddle the pedals while sitting halfway to the seat because I could not reach the pedal while seating properly.  Needless to say, I did not get it the first time and started to stumble about 10 times until I finally got the right balance.  I was very scared because I know the pain of stumbling after the fifth time.  But since I really wanted to learn because all of my playmates can do it.  I just went and be strong about it, until I got the right timing and balance.

4. Talk about it

When me and my girlfriend started to have our place of our own, she was not yet aware about me having a certain fear about big bugs.  I started clowning or joking around when I see one.  But the truth is, it is really scaring the heck out of me.  So I started, talking more about it with her.  Then I talked a lot of things about what I fear.  Then funny thing happened is that she started sharing things that I am not scared about.  For her, she is a bit scared when it comes to sharing her thoughts in public.  I started sharing her pointers and so on.  The good thing about talking about it is that you will have a sense of feeling of not being alone.  It will help you be come more ready about your fears.

5. Be ready

There is really no time to know when what you fear strikes, but it will lessen the feeling of not knowing what to do.  Because let us be honest, when something that you fear or someone or if it is an event when it happens you will start to panic.  The best way to combat panic is to be ready about what will happen.  It is not like you practice, or do something too much but be prepared for it when it strikes.  Good example is when you are about to test a running water from your shower.  You don't dive in and let the water spray all over your body, of course you want to test the water first.  So being ready for it will not hurt any of your time and assuming you are already on that stage when time seems to freeze the moment when you have met what you fear, you will have a sense of presence of mind when it happens, instead of in a panic mode

So there you go, my five tips that I think will prepare anyone for what they fear.  I know that most of my examples are just common ones, that did not include any sense of danger.  But I know that it will apply to anything that we fear and eventually if fear and danger are connected, having the basic good mindset about how to be prepared will help you in facing them.

Thanks again for reading and please be sure to drop any suggestions or comments.  Until next time.