Wednesday, June 7, 2017

5 reasons why reading is important

In this digital age, reading books will slowly be a thing of the past. With audiobooks, kindle and online videos of "how to's" readily available.

I haven't really tried audiobooks nor kindle because I am still sticking on the old way of buying actual books to read.

Most of the books I read are non-fiction books with a wide subject about selfimprovement. I try to read 30 minutes a day.

Here are my 5 reasons why reading is important:

1. Mental sharpness

While reading can help you build a broader vocabulary, study shows that a constant reading habit builds mental sharpness. You will be surprise as time goes by you will see improvements with how you can quickly pick things up compared to when you dont have the habit of reading.

2. Improves concentration

Find an interesting topic that hits you. Self help, educational, novels, even comic books. Since you are immerse in reading, you will notice your concentration improves. Think of it like a laser beam. A laser beam is a concentrated light and has a powerful use for cutting through objects.

3. Helps when socializing

As you find other topics to read, you'll have a very good supply of things to say to your next reunion. Learning new things by reading increase your knowledge, thus increasing the things you can say. The next time you will be introduce to someone, you are ready to do short talks with ease.

4. Reading is a basic skill

While writing is also a basic skill, my vote goes to reading as an important skill to master. Great men write their golden knowledge, share them, teach them. Although you can listen, reading is far better because you can pause and think about it and embrace it.

5. It's fun to learn

Some things can be learn by reading. There are people easily convince when they hear someone preach about a certain topic. But in reading, the only voice you can hear is your mind. This is how your mind can truly realise a good thing and soon enough you will enjoy the affirmation that your own voice tells you.

To sum it up, reading can be a fulfilling habit because of its benefits. It release feel good hormones and you won't feel out of place. 

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Harness The Power of Intangibles

As effective as we are in this turbulent times, we somehow manage get results we wanted.

Whether in work, school or at home.

Question is "at what cost?"

If our mind is set to an unhappy state, we will get a result that are not needed.

In short, the intangible state of our mind is directly proportional to good result.

Something we easily miss out.

A couple of weeks ago I became worried. We will welcome our first child a few months from now. Work is hectic. Money is also a problem. I became counter productive because I mismanage not only my emotions but also my health.

My mind is the only thing I relied to. It always encourage me to "fight the good fight".

It wasn't enough.

Then came a breaking point. I was out for 7 days. Stayed in the hospital for 3 days and 4 daya at home. I felt bad.

Yet I recovered quickly by maintaining the "fight the good fight" attitude, healthier lifestyle and smart financial budgeting.

All fell into place as I performed better at work.

My suggestions to all who felt the same way as I have are,

No your Limits. It may sound negative at first but you are just being true to yourself. If you know (and admit) your weakness and strength then you are in the right direction. The key here are the little things inside of you that stops you from reaching a goal.

Ask for help. There's nothing wrong with asking for assistance. Even the strongest person has an ally. A very strong support group like families and friends are where you can start.

Provide help. If asking for help is a good thing, helping is better. You will notice a surge of 'feel good' feeling after you have helped someone in need. It doesn't have to be a burning building saving life situation.

Embrace stress. In this high times, stress is everywhere. It is how you react that matters. If you can make an action plan whenever a stressful situation happens then that's better. Imagine in your mind a stressful scenario, then imagine how you will react.

The unseen things around us are the tools that made up what we see now. Don't underestimate the power of the intangibles. They matter as much as the results.

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