Saturday, January 11, 2014

Getting Grips: How to Believe That it Will Turn Up

A couple of weeks ago, I suffered a massive lost of confidence about turning this blog around.  I lost the ability to believe that I can help people to develop their inner energy to be productive or to at least feel good about themselves.  The mission of this blog is really to help others by me doing research, share my experiences and organize the idea in a way that it will be easy to follow or to understand.

It stared after I got excited while I am learning to listen to a specific Pod Cast.  Well, I am not really blaming the awesome Pod Cast.  It was may be myself excitement that drew me to that specific energy that I can do a specific task far over my head then I lost the grip.  So for a couple of weeks I became sloppy, my health was a bit worst and my overall performance with whatever I do, think, feel etc. is really at a very low efficiency.