Sunday, April 28, 2013

Evolve: How to Adapt with Our Changing World.

The world is fast changing as we know it.  What we may know today may not be relevant after a few years.  What you are good about this day, may be will not be any good to anyone after a few years.  World is changing and evolving, so as our society, culture and everything else under the sun.

That is why you may notice a change of taste, for example, music.  You may remember when you first learn to appreciate music that is being played on the radio.  And after years past, you will sound like a grown up who tells you when you pump up the volume for your favorite song, "Turn the volume down."

Things change, and so as the world around us.  What don't change, I guess is our so called ability to adapt.  Adapting is one of the character of humans that have been unique from other creatures.  Yeah, some creature as you may see from educational television stations that they know how to adapt.  But not like us.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fear, As We Know It: 5 Ways to Overcome Fear

Note: This Blog is not a spoiler, representing and promoting the upcoming movie After Earth.

Earlier this month, I was watching videos on YouTube just to relax my mind.  Then I came across this trailer by a movie that will be showing this June.  After Earth, from what I know is a remake and a possible book.  It stars father and son Will and Jaden Smith, about survival that is set in the future, somewhat 1000 years from now.

There was this line during the trailer that was voice over by Will "Fear does not exists, it is just a product of our thoughts, it is a choice.  But danger does exists." and he said something being prepared about the danger out there.  My apologies if the quote is not precise but hopefully I am not messing the idea.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Apple Tree Won't Grow Mangoes: Why is it Important to Establish What You Want

During this time where distractions are unavoidable, it is hard to keep up with what you really want to do in life.  If you start early and know your direction, then probably whatever goal you have in your mind will be achievable but sometimes when we are on our way to going where we want to be, along the way there are things we also want to do on the side.