Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Apple Tree Won't Grow Mangoes: Why is it Important to Establish What You Want

During this time where distractions are unavoidable, it is hard to keep up with what you really want to do in life.  If you start early and know your direction, then probably whatever goal you have in your mind will be achievable but sometimes when we are on our way to going where we want to be, along the way there are things we also want to do on the side.

This is not to discourage things that you want to do on the side.  We all have our reasons of doing other things but sometimes we will encounter being confused where we really want to be because all of a sudden the one way track that we are walking by, suddenly have crossroads.

For me, writing what my inside thoughts is one of the things I found as early as I can remember.  It is not because it is easy to just say what your mind say but sharing what I know brings a different feeling inside.  It is like every letter I write that becomes words, sentences, paragraphs and eventually meanings, may perhaps and hopefully change the world.

But along the way, I also want to read, sleep, eat, work, make money, watch videos and so many more and I found myself looking back to connect the dots until today that I haven't really written that much in this blog.  I am trying to grow an apple from a mango tree and it is wrong.  Because I want to change the world by sharing my thoughts, but I am doing something else that is totally not connected with what I really want to do in the first place.

I know that it is not a bad thing to slack around a bit and relax.  But losing direction is different.  I remember one time, I am on my way to work just like normal but I have done differently from what I was normally doing.  The usual is of course get up, dress up then go.  I added something to the routine that is totally not part of what I need to do which is get ready and be on time for work.  I ended up late and sometimes worst not feeling good about going to work.

So if you are planning to have a 'fruit of labor', establish the one thing you want to achieve.  This is really easier said and done.  But once you are about to harvest the fruit of your labor, it is one of the sweetest things that you will feel.

How to do it is something that I will try to list down, but I myself is really have no great credentials yet to say that I have achieve something.

1.  Focus

Nothing beats a good concentration when you want to get things done.  Concentration is not a mind trick that is really hard to do.  You just have to try to give as near as 100 per cent of your attention.  Now sometimes you may try to hear your mind telling you that you have to do something else, try silently and mentally talk to your mind of what you are doing and what you need to do next.

2.  Take breaks

This is to refresh you mind, but not to lose your way of what you are doing.  You can think of it as why children needs to take summer vacations.  It is not only for them to lose out of focus about their academics but for them to be refreshed.

3.  Plan

This is something that is hard to do because you may break your plans or an external event may break it.  It is OK for that to happen but you must try and mark where you have left of and try to begin from that marker once you can get back to track.  It is like a stop-over when you are on a very long trip.  It is something that is beyond your control that may happen along the way so be patient about it.

4.  Be Patient

Patience will give you what you are asking for.  If you want an easy way, whatever you are trying to achieve is an easy to get thing.  So, if you are planning to have a good achievement, then be prepared that it will take a long time.

5.  Keep a Journal or Blog it

This will help you know the progress of your path to what you want to happen.  And this will let you look back on those great moments for you to reach a certain step.  This will add inspiration.

6.  Have a Reminder that is Always Visible

Make it as easy to look at as possible.  It can be a desktop wallpaper,  a photo inside your wallet or a keychain that you always carry.  This will make it possible for your mind to absorb and eventually to imprint what you really want.

There you go.  Those are my list and hopefully, this may help you guys on your journey of growing your fruit of labor from a tree that is really meant to have it.  After all, the seed of what you want to achieve in your life is already there in your mind.  You just got to let it grow and wait for harvest time.

Once again, thanks for reading and keep the comments and suggestions coming.