Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why Do We Feel Uneasy During First Meetings?: Tips How to Prepare Before First Meetings

Imagine you step-in to a room that is more or less 20 people that you don't know.  The first instinct you will feel is "where can you be without anyone noticing you".  Well, let us face it, we are all shy at first because we are inside of what appears a foreign place with a lot of people that you don't know.  Even a bad facial impression that you are trying to hide counts.

It happens during gatherings, meetings, trainings, small talks, or even a job orientation.  Whenever it is going to happen let the uneasiness feeling takeover for just a few moments and try to regain composure while your uneasiness is subsiding.  I know it is hard but think about it as "what are you going to do while you are wating for the uncomfortable feeling to go away?"  Then best answer is to strategize.

Not all of us will be gifted about this but trying is for everyone, because if you are not going to try it then don't expect a result that you will like.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coming Strong: Why is it a Bad Idea to Act when You are Angry

A month ago, I was reading an article about a boy who punched a bully out of anger.  And it ends up the bully died due to brain hemorrhage.  It was just a single punch.  It must have been a punch that has strong force of anger.  

As you can see, an irreversible event may happen if we act out in anger.  I am not saying to be always passive, but you have to think about what will be the end result if anger will get the best of you.  After all, what is the worst thing that can happen if you think first before acting?

I had experienced when I acted with anger and end up feeling regretful.  And it tasted bad.  It feels like, I want to turn back time and act differently.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Greed: How to Avoid and Why We Should

This is going to be a series about the Seven Deadly Sin to help you avoid doing it by understanding what they are and the consequences.
Greed is everywhere and even those who have live a pious life have done some greed in their life.  It is our human side that with proper understanding leads to proper handling of behavior.

That is why I believe that sins and ignorance have links, one way or the other.  And also knowledge and sins are also linked.

I will try my best to write this as clear as possible for everyone, including me to be enlightened.

Greed is wanting more than we need.  It is really hard because needs and wants have a tendency to switch places or very hard to determine which is the want and the need.