Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do What You Love to Do

I was browsing for a good article to read and found “Coffee”.  I am a Big Fan of Coffee, (Not that big in a sense that I would buy a Chain), but I love drinking it.  The funny thing though, research have found time to know that Java Lovers is not at risk of disease as oppose to those that don’t drink more than 3 cups a day.

Now this strikes me to write.  I guess the universal law will be that whatever you “love” to do, do it more often.  But still moderation is relevant.  So this is really a gray area.  But if we are going to move on to the last part of our cycle of life, why not really enjoy, right?

Sure you can, throw parties then every one is happy, except the neighbor that wish that you either move or they move or suddenly your sound system burned down or something.  You can do good job then your boss and whoever else is involved will be happy, except your family that is waiting for you back home.  You smoke, and then you will be happy and may be half of you know may be happy but not those around you that can be disturbed or just plain concern for your health.  You can list a lot of things but funny though there is always a catch.  But still we bother to do what we love to do.

The point is to extend our life is that you what makes you happy, start there, and then evaluate if this is the cup of coffee for you, because 10 cups of coffee a day will sure be a suicide.