Tuesday, February 5, 2013


When we do a routine, we usually know what we need to do to get a task done without even thinking the steps.  It is like, when you brush your teeth.  You don't go, step one gargle, step two wash toothbrush, and so on until you are done.  You don't do that because it is already printed to your brain what to do.  I guess, it will take me a lot of blogs about foresight but for now just a general blog about this and I hope I can share more.

I usually drive when I go to work, so it is one of those routines that I do 5 times a week.  As expected I arrive to where I work and after my shift, I expect to arrive home.  At first I have a 45 minutes allowance from the time that I need to start working coming from our house.  That is with all other routines, I smoke while I heat up the engine, and scan for any possible things that is out of place like open gas tank lid, lights, tire pressure and once I am done smoking it is a good 5 or 7 minutes then I sit inside the car and set my belt before I adjust mirrors, seat, radio and the a/c so that is another good 2 minutes.  Then I usually make sure that I drive as smooth as possible and this is where my foresight needs to be at 100 %.  Because on the road, as all responsible drivers should do, is to be at least 90 % of attention on driving (may be the 10% on other things like if you want your mind to wonder around what you might have forget while you are still near your house, or the route that you will take to avoid traffic).  So this is where you expect all things to happen and react before it happens.  Because there will come a time that you trust your driving but you won't trust the driving of others around you or the condition of the road so if I were you, always practice foresight whenever driving.  Not only it helps you avoid accidents, but it will also help you reduce your consumption because you are aware when to slow down instead of slowing down by jamming the break just about you need to.  If permitted I hope I can share my driving tips on a different blog.  But this is where you can really use foresight my friends. What my dad taught me about driving, although my grand dad is the one who really taught me, is that it is really easy to speed up, what is hard is to slow down when you really need to.  So apply balance.  I guess that is why even where I work is just about 10 or 14 KM from where I live which means in 45 minutes I am on an average of maybe around 45 KM/Hour (because it might be just really 20 minutes of real travel time).  I am still happy.  It is like I am not rushing, ending up very nervous or worst having an accident or fighting on the road, something like that.

Foresight is really, really an advantage.  It is no Jedi trick, you can think of it as common sense.  Just like Walt Disney said (I guess), and I qoute "If you are doing something that works, then keep on doing just that".  Don't let anyone say that it will not work, may be listen to what they will say about what your routines are and just get those things that may help, like for me may be there is really no need to smoke while heating up the ending.  Since it really takes 1 to 2 minutes really so I save 5 minutes there. But since smoking is my current happiness then I really have to stick with my 45 minute rule before going to work.