Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The South Beach Diet Theory

I came across with this type of diet program because I have an upcoming important event that I need to look and feel good.  Not that I don't feel good about myself, but of course it is a one time event and It will be better if I am at my top by the time it happened.

I read that this program contains three phases.
1. Eliminate Cravings
2. Eat a Variety of Delicious Foods
3. Maintenance

From here, you can tell that this can be applied to reach not only the look good part but also the feel good part.  Let us try to break it down to smaller discussions. I will try to talk about the theoretical side, although I am not really an expert about this but providing my thoughts maybe is a good place to start.  And I really hope this may help.

Eliminate cravings
I guess we really need to, deep down inside, should know where this starts.  For intake, my biggest challenges are carbohydrates, caffeine, and nicotine.  Carbs, I get that a lot from rice, sodas, and maybe from other foods.  Caffeine, for the fact I love it and it started when my sister introduce me to this while she needs to be up studying.  Nicotine, it may be because of society I guess.  Because from where I belong I can see it from others when I was growing up and seen it on TV and eventually during college as a time killer.

OK, the three NOT healthy cravings have been said let us break it down further.

Rice, it is the basic of basics of my everyday food.  I don't eat bread, cereal or fruits during breakfast which I heard is better than rice.  So eliminating this would be a challenge.  I used to skip breakfast because I have a feeling of not hungry after I am awake and I currently work night shifts so that is also a factor that make it hard.  So how can I eliminate something that is really basic such as rice.  For now,  I guess lessening this will be one, then following the eat like a King at morning and eat like a pauper at night.  This will help me to feel the hunger during breakfast.  Since breakfast as they say is the most important meal, might as well do this since it sound like get two-in-one.

Next is soda.  Now this is also hard.  During my breaks where I am working, I would combine this and nicotine.  Or caffeine and nicotine, for the fact that this keep me up.  One soda that I am not really drinking before that I am now drinking regularly during breaks are the one with energy boosting ingredients.  I don't know if it just in the mind or not but It helped me not only to be up but also to think clearly.  So how can I eliminate something that is helping me get through the day.  May be going to lessen is the action as well.  Instead of taking 3 bottles, may be lowering it to two may be.  Minus one of this is better than not taking one at all, right?  Sleep schedule might be a good trick as well, since the reason for drinking this is due to lack of sleep during the day.

Alright so down to those other stuffs that I guess I can say that is contributing to carbs.  Not really sure what they are really, but burning carb may be is the thing to do.  I haven't been really having a good exercise program, so this is again two-in-one action.

Eat a Variety of Delicious Foods
Now this sounds like replacing the bad stuffs with good stuffs.  Since we are what we eat as they say,  then eat those good stuff is the go.  Currently,  I have a good 30 to 45 minutes window time where I can stop by to a local grocery.  I guess the move will be saving a little of my allowance and jotting down good stuffs that I may come across.  I really don't have a list yet so I am assuming that you will hear from me about this blog again.

Part of it is that I am currently taking supplement that have a good reaction to me, and there is a difference between times that I am taking it from not.  So my feedback about it is that it is working well.    But of course it is also a good idea for example I take a balance between good and bad stuffs, instead of just taking all the bad stuff inside.  That is the healthy living anyway.

Looking on the program, this is the hard part.  It is like you have build up your best action, use it effectively but will have a trouble of being consistent.  You will know the pros and cons but will have a trouble of fighting the urge or did not know that you have committed something that is bad about the program.  It might be an outside factor that will let you bounce off the track, like a party that have every food that is not part of the good stuffs.  Or you felt bored and started buying food and drinks and at the end you will think that "Well then I just have to take this day off".  But I guess it will not work unless you put it to practice and be a little strict to yourself.  After all this is with a reason.

I remember back then when I use to work for a website company as a content specialist, my boss have this picture of a house.  I thought that it was his place and he immediately say "I wish that it is mine", I did not ask but he explained that whenever he thinks that everything is about to fall apart in his brain, he is looking at the picture and saying to himself "Keep it cool and that house is yours".  OK, I said that time, so when I got back to my place what I did is I setup a wallpaper on my desktop everything I wanted to have.  I haven't got any of those things I posted in my wallpaper but during the course of the time that I have that on my computer, I minimize all programs by and stare on the desktop to keep my cool if my mind starts to say "I give up".

Eye on the prize.

I guess that will help you Maintain a sense of clarity of why you are doing something.  I don't have a picture of myself looking like in tip top shape to post on my desktop.  Maybe I will start looking for things that I can post that is related and keep it somewhere where I can just easily look at whenever I am losing my cool.

The South Beach Diet Theory that I wrote today don't really have a 100 % take about getting physically fit.  It is more about replacing things that you know that is just slowing you down with things that will speed you up to a goal that you want to achieve.  It might take you like 10 to 15 minutes to think about what you want to achieve.  Start may be with simple goals that will lead you to those big goals you have been dreaming about.

If you want to be a successful with what you want to do, then reflect.  See what are those things that don't work anymore and slowly replacing it with things that will work.  Experimenting will help because that is the only way you will know if it is working.  Read something about it and take mental notes or better get a pen and paper.  Your mind will eventually react differently and if you start to go back to bad habits then tap your maintenance-image-reminder to take you back to track.  It will be easy if you keep on looking at the goal, instead of shooting at it while your eyes are closed right?