Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Focus: Why is it Important and How Anyone Can Improve

"Always remember, your focus determines your reality." - Qui-Gon Jinn (Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace)

In a world where distraction is unavoidable, focusing is one thing that is hard to do these days.  We have laptops, tablets, smart phones and all sort of technologies buffering our way.  And it seems that there is no stopping distractions, we need to learn how to somehow equally divide our attention to what matters to our lives.  Imagine what you can do with just less time when you allow yourself to give 100 percent to something that you really have to do.  Even if you have a lot in your hands for one day if you start to learn how to focus,  you will be able to do all of them, or if not you will eventually get there.

Respect Time
Time is something that really matters in reality.  Although Einstein don't believe it exist, everyone knows that we have 24 hours in a day and needs to budget it wisely to make the most out of it.  So how to do it?  One way is having a diary and note as much as you can that you need to get done on a particular day, or simply just try to imagine you life in fast forward and travel ahead and jot down what you see.  It is like time traveling of some sort and getting ahead is always a good idea.  So respect time by making sure you know what will happen so that you can allocate things properly.

Some say it is good to multi-task because you can get a lot done and others say that when you multi-task a tendency of sacrificing the quality of what you are doing can happen.  Let us face it, we are humans and we are not computers that can multi-task efficiently.  Practicing is not a bad idea or doing two things can be possible but not more than that.  Question is that if it is really possible?  Because you can for example, drive and listen to the radio and sing.  So that is three things at the same time but quality wise all the three task have average or may be low quality productions from you which i think will not matter.  So you are driving a decent traffic flow so you really don't need to do the "Need for Speed" concentration, you listen to the radio I am sure that you won't get 100 percent of all you hear but at least you can get to hear music, or a news flash that is important, or simply to kill the feeling of boredom.  Singing while driving is to me is like singing during showers, because the brain still needs to relax and one way is by singing.  But since you are driving, don't expect to hit the right notes while singing.  It is not going to be an award winning performance.  But still you are doing three things at the same time.  I am sure there are better examples but yet you have done three things at the same time without the feeling that you haven't done anything after you are done driving.

First Thing First
We all have a tendency to do things in a not properly order even if we have done it a million times.  What I do in my "Diary" is I put a symbols to remind me how important the task is.  This will eliminate the thought that I have to start thinking again which must be done first.  Just remember that if you will miss doing something that is not really important, don't worry I am sure that you will have time later to just do that without worrying about what is important.  It is just like what we have learned in school, we all study before we play.

Less is More
If you will juggle a lot of things and end up losing control, a high chance to loose focus to all of the things is possible.  So if you feel like there is a lot in you plate, choose things that are important.  It will make things easier and it will avoid you making a mistake or loose control.

There is really a lot of things that you can do to maintain focus.  Listed above are just some of the handy examples that I have learned from past experiences.  What works for you will definitely be a good sign.  After all, it is going to be your reality and the better way to reach goals is by focusing things that really matters.  You will not lose anything by trying to learn focus, and I bet it will improve the quality of the life you are trying to achieve.

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