Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to Plan Weekends: Guide to Making The Most Out of Your Off

I really don't know why weekend is the most anticipated days of our lives.  Even when it is only monday, you will start greeting your office-mates, "How was your weekend?" "Wow that is great, are you planning the same thing next weekend?" or sometimes "What, why didn't you ask if I can come?"  Things like that.  But as a human being, it is not really bad to look forward to Saturdays and Sundays.  It is not a sign that you don't like your job.  It is just a sign that you want to put the breaks so you can pedal the gas before Monday comes.

For me, I have been many times come out short about planning weekends and hearing things that "I don't have time" for someone.  Not really getting sick of hearing that, but getting sick of not planning ahead when in fact I have a lot of time to do so during weekdays.  So I started to look in the calendar and start putting trips or planning what I want to do to have sense of balance.  It is really a no brainer thing.  Just a little of planning will save you a lot of time, money and relationship.

Me time can be anytime
I want time for myself during weekends so please don't call or text me.  That is what you will think when someone tries to get your attention during a late morning breakfast-lunch on a Saturday.  But you know what?  Me time can really be anytime.  For me, Me time can be a lot.  I like reading almost anything so I can really do this while every one in my house is busy during some of their Me time, so I suggest do this at the same time.  It is like getting a child's attention.  You cannot get a child's attention while they are watching TV, doing some studying or when they are just plain staring and thinking.  You can't just do that because you don't want to end up feeling ignored.  So take advantage, if you see anyone in your house that is doing their Me time, then do yours.

Me time can also be planning time
So you got this fabulous idea of going out with family this weekend.  Of course you don't want to just jump in and say "Hey guys, I have this plan of going out of town this weekend".  No you don't do that.  Think maybe like 3 to 5 steps ahead.  Distance, time and money will be factors to consider.  So if budgeting will be a problem, dropping the plan is a good idea and open doors for something simple like, setup a barbeque lunch and a late afternoon DVD may do.  Simple yet quality time right?  So do planning and if you need a sketch then you can practice your gifted talents to draw your plans, or make lists and budgeting.  If it will not work this weekend, at least you have a reserved idea for coming weekends.

Calendar is your best friend
OK, so you got plans, question will be when to execute them.  Check the calendar to know when you will be looking at it.  If you are planning mall trips try to stay away during after the pay day weekends because it is really going to be a jungle there.  But if you are planning the trip to the mall because you have a fat wallet and want to buy that shirt all this time then may be family oriented trip is not the one you want to do during that time.  Plan it with a friend or spouse.  Learn the trend will be a good technique.  Save you money and hassle.

Ideas are not bad
OK, so you got this very colorful office-mate who always says "Good Morning" with a happy tone during Mondays and Fridays.  He or she most like have a good reason why and won't hurt to simply ask "How was your weekend?"  And that person will be more than happy to tell you how it went, where she or he have been.  Pick up the places, amounts of budgets and time spent from their stories.  Just get a mental note.  And you will find that you also have won a friend with that person.  And got yourself an idea.

Negative thoughts are fine.  But not going is NOT fine.
Well, if there is always happy thoughts about weekends, there are some bad thoughts.  Now this must not ruin your plans.  It is just guidelines, like when you cross streets you see a sign post to slow down or walk here.  There is a reason why there are sign post.  But the reason is not to really go but be cautious.  It is still part of planning still so don't take it as a sign to not go.

Bottom Line
Plan ahead because it is only 2 days off (some have just one).  Don't think that it will ruin your time swimming on your bed.  Don't think that because what will end up is that you will feel the regret of waiting again for 5 days to just do what you think is fun with yourself or with someone else.  Don't complicate things as well, because that will definitely spoil the fun factor.  It is like if you are going on a trip maybe just take maximum 2 or 3 location in one day.  If you can make it one, then still it is fun.  Don't say "We are also on the way to this place, might as well go there to save time."  No, don't do that, schedule that next time.  If you think it is reasonable and won't affect what is already plan then go.  Don't plan as well for something that you won't afford yet, because you and whoever is with you will just feel sorry being there.  Like in a shopping center and you don't have any greens yet.  This won't be fun because you can't afford yet to be there to buy something.

So if you are planning weekends, good for you.  If you haven't been doing it, start doing it to avoid going back to Monday thinking and feeling down.  It will help you really refreshed even for just a moment.