Monday, February 11, 2013

Experts: The Human Side

With a slight miscalculation, everything changes
With most of what is happening these days, a slight miscalculation can change everything.
What separates experts from others is that they practice at first the basics all the way up to the advance level.  And when it comes to mistakes, they will try to lessen their probability of making one.
Because if they do, they know the aftermaths.

I was reading this news article about an expert that pass away due to a slight miscalculation.  That person do circus acts and the one where the mistake happened is during a lion act.  That person did not even see it coming.  Circus personnel tried to help but the beast is to powerful for anyone to even try to stop the creature while the lion is killing the prey.

What went wrong there?

For me, it is the human side of experts.  It can be a lot of reason.  I don't personally know that entertainer but I want to share what I have to say or what I think about "Experts".

I am doing what I am doing in my work for 4 years now but there were moments that I feel that I am already an expert.  Untouchable by rules.  The know it all guy.  The person that knows everything.  But, believe me, I am not.  It is just a thought that I want to put in my mind.  I guess, that drives me somehow, I mean no one really knows that I am thinking that way.  It is something that I say to myself everyday that "I am good".  Because in my life where I am working, I still make mistakes, just like a rookie.  And I notice that over confidence is proportional to mistakes.  No matter how long you have doing one thing.

When you watch a game, say basketball.  If you are rooting for a team that you know have the best win loss ratio.  Top seed.  Greatest team.  And if they are matched up with a team that is having the worst season.  And for the sake of watching your favorite team, you just watch it right?  I know I will do.  The expected is that the upper hand team may before the 4th quarter starts is that they have a good lead.  So good that they start to let the bench warmers play.  But what if the unexpected happened.  You started seeing bad plays from the good team.  Making mistakes.  Giving away easy points.  And many more.

What went wrong?

Well, it is just like that story about the race between the rabbit and the turtle.  See, that turtle is just gonna keep on doing what he knows that is effective.  He will not be over confident since he knows his limitations and his advantages.  That is where all experts have in common.  They make mistakes due to I know it all attitude.

If you are someone in that position,  never become that person who, in just one miscalculation leads to a mess where there is no turning back.

Keep it consistent.  If you need a few shifts, do it with caution, think about pros and cons.  If you are provided with time to plan, utilize it.  Then if the situation needs you to go back to normal, take your time as well.  You are an expert already, so you really don't need a lot of time learning again.  You just have to try to stay in one pace and make less mistake.