Monday, December 16, 2013

Making Time for What Makes You Happy

Over the course of periods of time, we tend to lose what really makes us happy.  It is because we try to live a life as normal as possible.  We tend to just stick what is normal and forget about those things that we really enjoyed doing.

Back when I was in college, what I really enjoyed was listening to music.  It got to the point that I collected CD's (there were MP3's back then but internet was really slow), and CD's are really cool when you see them lined up in your shelves.

Genre that I found really cool then was Alternative Rock.  I listened to them may be around 6 hours a day. 2 hours driving to school, 2 hours going back home and the remaining time were spent during while I am waiting.  I listen, learned the lyrics, try to know the meaning, and even try to play them with my guitar (although I am not really good at it).

But I really made me happy, then fast forward to present, I'll get luck if I can listen for one straight hour of pure Alternative Rock music.  Not that I really do mind but I think that whatever it is that makes anyone happy helps when it comes to become productive.

You see, we are not machines that have high efficiencies.  We tend to get bored at times, even we are really good with what we make for a living.  We are beings that rely to a lot of factors to become really productive.

We need to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.  And even financially of course.  That is why I am emphasizing that whatever it is that makes you happy, as long as it doesn't involve hurting anyone of course, then find time or better, make time for it.

Sometimes you will think that it is just a waste of time, but believe me, you'll save time if you feel good while you are doing something important.  Imagine doing manual labor with complete silence.  It is boring right?

But If you will be adding tunes while doing something can make you feel good, right?  There is something about music that can get you going.  Well, I am not just talking about listening to music.  Whatever it is that can set you to have that right mood, then might as well have a schedule for it.