Friday, December 6, 2013

Evaluating Your Core Beliefs

One of the things that can change your life is to evaluate your core beliefs.  These will determine the result of your actions and success.  It can define the purpose of your life.

I remember when I was so down with problems; I always tend to say negative things about myself and what is around me.  My take is that whatever happens to anyone, the initial reaction is to blame the external forces.

But what, when and where is really the root of the results of our actions?  The answer is the Core Beliefs that we have within.  And every now and then, we need to re-evaluate our self to fulfil our dreams.

Past experiences contribute due to our trauma of failure.  Most of us have been failing at some point but few try again.  Now that is the big difference among us.

Take this blog; I haven’t shared any for the past few months.  Not that I gave up but I have a lot going on with my personal life but I almost did changed my mind of not keeping this alive.  But this blog have benefits to me and I hope to others.

Now one of my core belief is that thru this ‘medium’ I help myself and others keeping check of my self-awareness.  Sharing a great value that is amounting to any monetary value is really an excellent feeling.

Start small with your self-evaluation.  What you can do is to begin with the end.  Whatever you want to achieve, map it to the very core.  I am sure that piece by piece you will create your set of beliefs.