Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Art of Slowness

Do you ever have that feeling of constantly repeating when you hurry up?

I do. 

It happens when I had too many cups of coffee. 

A lot of things race on my mind, instead of being focused. 

End up repeating things unnecessarily. 

Who can blame a person who is excited to get things done. 

Well, a little art of slowness is all we need. 

Viewed as a procrastinating behavior, slowness has been demonized by many as an act of counter cooperation. 

As if you're not doing it with enthusiasm. 

Time has changed our perspective of time itself. 

We want it fast, hot, and now. 


But we're not computers. 

We think we can but we're not. 

We have emotions, and we need to take care of it. Like no has cooked an exceptional meal within seconds. 

Art can't be rush.