Friday, February 28, 2014

Part 2 of Goal Setting: How Small Goals Can Change Your Life

During my free time, I think of big goals in life like having a big house for my family, a new car that we can use to do errands, a long holiday to a different country, a stable financial situation when I retire and so on.  But I won’t reach those goals if I will just wait and do nothing to improve my life.  I started reading blogs to get insights and eventually found a really inspiring blog. by Leo Babauta has a cool interface, it easy to read because the layout is simple and there is a lot about achieving mini goals.  I have no affiliation with the website or the owner; I just want to share the great things that I found that may create meaningful life for everyone.

Start Small goals and Don’t Force Yourself

I am actually doing it right now; my goal is to write blogs to help people by sharing my thoughts about life.  I hope that anyone who read my blogs will find some inspiration to develop and maintain a great personality that can shape to a wonderful life without sacrificing self-identity. is really good in explaining that starting small goals are really going to help anyone who has big goals in life.  It has great examples about health and when to start adding good habits like regular exercise, quitting a bad habit, like smoking just to name a few. It is OK to really start small, like for example if you think you cannot go to the gym, you can start by doing a quick 10 minute workout.  It can be 10 push-ups, walking, and running, anything that can get your body going.  It is a start; any will make perfect sense instead of eyeing for an hour work out that you will just do once.  For me, my goal now is to share my thoughts by creating blogs at least 3 times a week.

Accountability and Looking Forward mentioned accountability, which will give your goal a little push.  Example, if you are about to schedule a morning run it is best to have someone with you.  In that way whatever your goal is at least you will meet the expectation, since someone is dependent to your goal as well.  For me, I will join a club or a forum that will encourage me to write about things that are relevant to my goal.  A couple of website out there that also talks about self-development and personality improvements.  Since I want to share my thoughts, the best way is to join a group that is already doing it and get some pointers.  This can also give me an opportunity to exchange thoughts and look forward to making things happen.

Keep looking for that small step that will lead to your goal, it can be as small as taking 10 to 20 minutes of your time every day, creating a blog to relieve stress, having less sugar at least 3 times a week, or even waking up early to start your day right.  If there is a bad habit that you want to change, don’t force yourself by gradually replacing it with good habits one day at a time. Find a group that will encourage you to keep your mini promises to yourself.  Eventually, if you think you that a specific habit is not working for you then at least you can start different methods.  Still, the goal for you to change is still there, you just need to have faith that you know it is for the better.