Sunday, March 2, 2014

3 Tips to Stay Happy

How to have a happy life will depend on how we spend our time.  Whether we want to have a fast paced life and suddenly we overlook things in front of us or enjoy every moment with your love ones.  For me, I like to think that I have both.  This blog will serve as guide for me and hopefully for everyone about how to be happy and stay happy.

Take it Easy

I know it is easier said than done, but it does work.  If you will think of an important task that you have to do and you say to yourself that it is difficult, then you’ll end up not starting anything.  Like me starting a blog a year ago, I thought that it will be so hard to express myself.  It turns out that I already have more than 20 posts that have about 2000 page views.  I know it is small time but if I will take things easy with this project and enjoy every minute of it, I know I will be fine.


Doing anything moderately, whether playing video games, cooking, studying, work, annoying your sister, thinking about problems and so on, whatever it is, whether you like it or not, it is really important that you balance things.  Like for me, I love writing my thoughts and share it to the world.  It is a form of stress reliever and hoping that it can help others.  But I don’t think it is healthy to overdo it nor don’t do it at all.


As human beings we have this negative impression about ‘being simple’.  It is next to having no creativity or dull life.  But what works for happy people that have ‘being simple’ as one of their advice can also work everyone.   Having a simple life approach is going to be rewarding in the long run.  Imagine a bag that has a calculator, pen, notebook, calendar, pocket watch, an old school Tetris game handle device, a map, compass, a camera, and pictures of your love ones.  Imagine those things fit inside your small bag.  Now look at your mobile phone.  All of the things that I just mentioned are inside your phone.


We should somehow give ourselves a break from time to time in this very stressful life.  It is going to be a matter of choice and hopefully these tips will make my life and everyone who reads this will have a better perspective when it comes to having a happier life. 
Thanks for reading and don’t forget to post those comments and suggestions below.  If you have any topic that you want to me to blog about feel free to post it as well.  Until Next Time!