Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Observe, Apply and Smile: Benefits of Learning from Others

While I am doing my morning reading, I came across this amazing young kid who is JUST 16 years, owns a business and the way he thinks is way over his years.  I was so amaze to know that that is possible.  Honestly, I became envy of him to know that at very young age, his mind set is to live his dream.  And he is actually living the dream as I write this essay.
Over the course of period, I found myself not learning from anyone and this kid opened my eyes that learning is really a never ending journey and not only that, that learning can be acquired from others.   This made me think how connected we really are to each other.  We just need to open our eyes, ears and for a moment let the brain absorb the information.

When I was first starting out in college, my grandfather taught me how to drive.  He thought me the techniques, the behaviour, and the attitude.  Fair to say that he did not only taught me the “driving” but also the good behaviour.  If I am not mistaken, he has been with me driving for about 6 months.  It is not that I did not pick up that things he thought me about driving.  It is because, he always goes where we go.
I remember him saying “The time you learned to be impatient that is the time you know you are not learning”.  That is when we were caught up in a traffic jam.  It made sense to me because it was relevant.  It is still.
I haven’t been patient for a couple of months now, there are things that I want to accomplish that I haven’t started and things that are just lying around my pending projects.  So this time, I need to start from basics…….again.
Start with Knowing Yourself
There are certain standards that you are comfortable with.  Just moments ago, I heard someone shouting, my hunch is that he or she is scolding a child.  For me, before I get to a point that I want to shout to anyone, there are levels before that happens.  So my “standard” to discipline a child is to first talk to them gently in a way that they will understand.  Comparing my age to a child of course a child won’t have the experience to automatically know that they are already doing something wrong.  Again be patient.  So as soon as you know your certain “standards” then this gives you like a map inside your head to places where you want your mind set to be.
Read about Great Thinkers
My favourite is Ben Franklin.  You get a lot of articles about his great life by searching Google.  I first read about his awesome character in www.artofmanliness.com.  I really suggest reading his inspiring story about life, hard work, success, failures and being a human.  When I read about him, it made me think that a guy like him have all of the reason why he was tagged as one of the ‘father’ of American Society.  Check him out.  :)
Observe, React, Change, Observe
This is the Fun Part, because in that same moment you can try what you have learned.  Back then (and even now I guess), there was a TV Show that is somewhat one of a kind.  It was a cooking show that is really popular from an eastern country and was regularly aired every morning just before moms will start cooking lunch.  So the show has this one man team to cook a very yummy dish that he really makes it look like it is easy to follow.  I haven’t tried it myself (the cooking while watching doing the cooking thing) but with the proper tools, area and a recorder (and me pausing the video tape), I think I can.  So the fun part about observe, apply, change then observe is that as soon as made a mistake, you can change it, make it perfect, do it again until you get the product as sweet as pie.
Well that’s it for now.  Be sure to post any comments, suggestions, and reactions or shoot me with anything you think I can write about here in my blog.  Thanks!