Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lift The Heaviness: Personal Thoughts About Over Doing

Along the way, as we get things optimized, we are left with a lot of things in our mind. We feel a certain heaviness because of our tendency to overthink. 

Most things that we do (including thinking) must be moderate. 

Over analyze. 
Burned out. 
Over fatigue. 
Over slept. 

All that we do 'over' creates a big bowl of demand that 24 hours is not enough. 

Mortality is true and we do need to think of the past, present and future. 

Just don't overload. 

Try to notice for the sake of unloading worries. How many times have you thought about a problem (no matter how small or big)?

I bet you might have done it more than 3 times. 

And let me be silly for a second that you might have Googled the answered amd read an article or two. 

And to add up to my craziness, you might have had the answer inside all along. 

I'm one of those guys who is a professional procrastinator. 

It has roots from the environment I have grown up from, places I have been, books I have read and so on. 

Name the influence and the product is our own behavior. 

A couple of weeks ago, an elder from our family half joked someone that cooking a meal is just common sense. 

I know that he was joking but from the tone and timing, he must have conveying a deeper meaning. 

Yup, common sense these days aren't as common as it was. 


Because of all the sources of 'answers'. The fear that what we know already must be wrong. 

Our undying anxiety that we are not good enough. 

That if we can't do something or we don't know something becomes a handicap. 

I am a victim of that. 

When I'm already good enough I still worry. 

Then how the heck you lift the heaviness?

It's gonna be down to the basics. To learn the common sense is really and should be common. 

Tell yourself everyday that you're good enough!

Be the first person to love yourself. 

It has to start somewhere and that place should be inside your soul and heart. 

Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation. - unknown source. 

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