Friday, April 17, 2015

Remembering Heroes: A Tribute to The Selfless

Heroes are remembered, loved and provide a sense of comfort. 

I got your back. 

History of heroes are inspiring as they (mostly) came from zero beginnings. Nobody notice them until they have done something amazing. 

They battle their way to be victorious for the common good. Putting their personal interest at the bottom of their list. 

Sacrificing what they long for. 

In exchange to save others. 

Even for a complete stranger. 

Looking back 

Back then, heroes were celebrated after victories. They were remembered as the one who saved the day. 

Object of appreciation such as medals, clothing, even monetary equivalent were provided. 

Surprisingly, they had no expectations of such gesture. 

They simply knew the need to step up, use all their power, and make sure after every struggle there is harmony for EVERYONE. 

They just have this 'I have to do something about it' attitude. And they are really hardcore about it. 

"Hard times don't create heroes. It is during the hard times when the hero within us is revealed." - Bob Riley

How about now?

Now, during our 'civilized' age, it's uncommon to be a hero. 

You get laugh at. 
Be criticized. 
No support. 

And worst, left unappreciated. 

That's the society we live in. We don't feel any threat and we don't need anyone helping us. 

Stubborn people. 😀

Well, a few things happened that's why. The war ended about 70 years ago. Countries learned to get along. People became independent. And we got a sense of comfort knowing that being alone is better than to work with others.

We got our own backbone. 

We became our own heroes. 

Moving forward 

Hopefully, peace will be consistent. Laws are abided. And common respect will be a day to day thing. 

Heroes today live within us. Those are the 'stop' behaviors before misbehaving. 

And a sense of guilt if we can't help (or won't) others in need. 

We became self protecting that we won't be needing a hero to help us. 

We don't want to feel helpless and miserable. 

We fought little battles within that avoids bigger ones.  

Luckily, that seems to keep a harmony for now. 

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