Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Freedom: The Power of Unconsciousness

Last time I have wrote about being “In The Zone”, where consistency is an important ingredient for success.  And I also mentioned being “unconscious”, something that you can do when you want to see the end result of your efforts.

With everything that you have learned so far in life, from the books you have read, from others where you found inspiration, and from some other things that made you think “A-Ha”, it seems that there are a lot to take in.

That what you have known is very hard to organize.  Very hard to call out when you need it.  And everything is confusing you.

The other day, I was out cleaning our car, one of those moments that I find relaxing.  It is like one of those activities that if you will spend a couple of minutes, you’ll get the result that you want.

Like when you put an effort, you’ll get the result fast.  Because all you have to do is wash the car, and that is it.

I have done something stupid before I cleaned the car.  I have read around 2 to 5 articles about cleaning cars.  Well it is not really stupid, because I enjoyed a relaxing time reading articles, get to see pictures of new cars, and had a 'me' time as well.  But what I realize after reading the articles, I began changing my methods when it comes to cleaning the car.

Instead of me doing what I already know, I started to hesitate, change my style, and felt uncomfortable.  It felt like something is holding me back to do ‘my thing’ when it comes to cleaning the car.

I know it is just a simple task, but nevertheless it also applies to most of situations in our life.  Where we feel, and sometimes regret not using our freedom or our sense of being care free.

For most part of our life we will encounter or meet people around us that will tell us what are the preferred methods for different skills.  Since most of the people that have voices about what they do are experts, there is a greater tendency to believe them.

Which is not a bad thing of course.  Since experts have exerted their efforts, took time learning their skills and most of the time they spend hours using what they know to get the job right.  It is not a bad idea to listen and pay attention to what experts will say.

I know it is a bit confusing now, but I want you to remember that as an individual you have the power of choice, a privilege that we have since we were born, and even our brain tends to function on its own from time to time.

Without any filter.

Imagine, be an expert to your field, where you are the person that every one calls to do a specific task, or to consult to when they have any problems.  Don’t be afraid to voice out, do things your way.  Along with that add more knowledge to what you already know.

Use your freedom, your unconsciousness wisely.  It will be your source of doing things right, at the perfect timing.  Hold back if you need to, but do it only because you have to and if you are getting carried away.  If you ever feel, holding back is already costing you your sense of freedom to do things your way, then step back and reorganize.