Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How To Keep Up With Technology

Keeping up with technology can be hard at times. Especially, that the pace has reached a certain level that is way too fast for anyone to really keep up. But it doesn't mean that we should just stick with the old methods for us to survive. And luckily, whenever new technologies are about to make an impact, they have been reviewed before hitting the market.  
Now, before you stop reading my thoughts about how you can keep up just because you already know what to do, you might want to browse a little bit and hopefully you find some useful information along the way and leave a comment at the end of this blog. 
If you have read some history about changes on how things work, particularly, machines, then you might have notice that whatever is happening now has happened before. 
Take for example; sending letters.  Think about how we usually send letters about a hundred years ago. If your letter arrive in a week, well that is considered as top service. And no one actually thought about that a letter; specifically an email can arrive in a few seconds. 
So if you will calculate the efficiency rate between the two, you might come up with more than half a million faster service for email compared to the usual snail mail. 
So basically, technology has been solving a lot of problems giving the thought of advancement in technology a well-deserved acceptance, rather than we shoo away the changes.
Technology have innovated a lot of aspects in our daily lives. From communication to transportation, medicine to advance treatment, office automation to factory production, all link to technology.
So embracing the fact that technology have solved, and will be solving problems is a wonderful thing. Since technology has met our demands, which gives more reason for everyone to keep up or at least to be stayed informed.
And having said that, here are some common things you might want to try for you to stay updated.
Have a Technology Magazine Subscription  
One of the ways to keep you updated with the latest gadget trends is to have either an online subscription or have a monthly subscription sent to via regular mail.
Personally, I prefer the magazine for a number of reasons and it won't cost you too much. Most subscription may cost you just the same price of a cup of coffee. And most yearly subscription gives you perks, like free 2 months issue, discounts to buy gadgets, and so on. 
Do Some Window Shopping  
Another way to keep up is by shopping around. This way, you'll have a chance to experience what the device can do, and if you have any questions I am sure the shop representative will be happy to assist you with all you need to know.
And what is cool about it is that you can actually try the device before even considering buying one.  For example, most phone shops have these displays of the latest mobile phones in the market and most of them have the mobiles turned on for the customers to try.
And if you will be stopping by to a Telecom shop that offers monthly subscription for line rentals, you will be amaze to find out that the mobile phone you are looking for to have is actually for free and you can even ask if there is a trial period, just in case you change your mind.
Well, window shopping doesn’t mean that you really need to be in the shop, physically because I am sure you can also look around thru the internet by just visiting the shop’s website and most shops do have websites these days with online support ready for your questions.
Bring it on the Table
This mostly happens a lot during family time, which occurs during meal time.  Well, it also can happen during your lunch break or even when you are catching up with a friend.  If you don’t have any topic to talk about, why not open up the conversation by saying something like, “I saw an ad about the new iPhone.”  And an instant, I am sure you will be updated because the person with you will definitely have something to say.
And finally, Think about Investing
Once, you made some research by reading, asking and even by socializing with your friends or family, you might one to consider buying whatever you think that suits you.
My take on that is, as long as it will make your life easy and more productive, I consider as an investment.  Since, the reason for getting involve with new technology is for everyone to have an easier life doing a specific task, then the cost of getting a new device covers the amount of time that you can use for other things.
My final note about keeping up with technology is very simple, get updated, stay connected and think about the benefits.  After all, whatever the technology has for us as of right now are the solutions for our previous problems.
Thanks for reading, any comments, suggestions, and reactions please shoot me by writing below.  Until, next time and thanks for reading Between Paths. J