Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Importance of Ending The Day

Today, I would like to share the importance of ending the day right and how it plays a major piece for our next day.  Since we normally focus more on how we start our day by exercising to rev up our body, or watch the morning news to be updated, or eat a very healthy breakfast, ending the day plays a critical part to your productivity level, resting period such as sleeping, and most important the effect that it will give you to start your next day.

After all, a relaxing flight has a smooth take off to build momentum, and then followed by a stress free landing for a complete wonderful voyage.

And so, here are my thoughts about how you can end the day feeling refreshed for the next day.

Leave Your Work and Go Home.

It has been proven that if you take your work with you, chances are you won't get the rest that you need for the next day.  And there are other things that you don't want to happen just because you brought your work to your house.

Like the possibility of arguments with your spouse, neglecting your kids, and you sitting down again in front of your computer.

How lonely and sad that can that be? Right?

So, don't be a prisoner of your work.  If you are leaving from your workplace, make sure that you LEAVE.

"So leave like, write a resignation letter?"  Of course not.  What I am saying is from the moment you step out of the office, that is it.  No homework, no presentation slides to complete at home before going to sleep, no reports to be done during weekends, and so on.

"But, how about if I really love my work and I want to bring it home?"

Well yeah, it is natural that we think about our work almost all the time, specially if we really love our job, and it is cool.  But keep in mind that there are things in your life that also needs your attention.

So the next time you are heading home from work, be sure that it is not only that your are going home physically.  But also mentally and emotionally.

Don't Sleep Tired.

A well rested mind gives you a better quality of sleep.  In fact, researchers found that quality of sleep matters more than the number of hours.  And since our brain works 24 hours a day, you want to set your brain to sleep mode before actually sleeping.

And physically being tired not only means that it is just your muscles and bones, it also includes our brains.  Because when we are tired we still think, therefore there are activities inside our brain that are not related to become sleepy.

Most of the activities that your brain is too busy doing is worrying.  We worry about our work, family, finances and a lot of other things.

So it is recommended to set your brain for a relaxing sleep.  Giving you the quality that you need to get up next day feeling refreshed.

Personally, I play video games on my phone to keep my mind from thinking about problems.  I suggest some other things, like reading, talking to a friend, cuddle your pet or even watch some light and funny TV shows.

Whatever works then it is perfect.

But if you have tried almost everything you can think of, I recommend to seek professional opinion with a specialist.

That's all for now, and be sure that if you have any suggestions, comments or anything that you would like me to write about please don't hesitate to write your thoughts below.  Thanks for reading Between Paths.


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