Monday, April 28, 2014

In The Zone: How to Keep Moving Forward by Being Consistent

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Now for this new blog that I have written for you guys, I have decided that it will be a great idea to start writing posts that are somehow connected to each other.  Since self improvement have certain ladders to success, there are definite connections to one behavior to another, if not most likely the whole thing of improving is connected.

I hope that made sense. :-)

Moving forward...

From previous post, Defeat is Not The End, I wrote about how to recover from personal defeat of not reaching goals and how to maintain a positive attitude of never giving up.

I have indicated important pointers to help you regain your energy to go out there and continue to reach your goal, and some helpful perspectives on how to see things differently.  If you want to read that wonderful post just click Defeat is Not The End: How to Recover and Never Give up.

But for this post, I would like to emphasize the importance of consistency as an important ingredient for success, and how you can fuel yourself to keep moving forward.

We all know that doing the same thing can be boring, in fact, as humans we really don't like the idea of repetition.  That is why we leave the boring things to computers, or any other machine that can handle the boring, repeating jobs.

Well, that is somehow similar to what we can do to reach a specific goal.

If we can do the right things, at the right time, with even a little perfection, and if we keep repeating until we are consistent, I sure that whatever we are trying to achieving, with the right time frame, it is going to be do-able.

Questions now are.... Where to start, and how can we do it?

Make a List

This is really where you need to start.  Make a list of things, behaviors, and distractions that contributes to your goal.  Take time to do this because after you have listed all of them, you need to cross out some of the things you have listed.

Why am I saying this?

Because the first time you will make your list, you will be able to understand that not all that you think that contributes to your success are really necessary.


Now you have your list, practice those behaviors that you have listed.  If you know that you already possess the right behavior, keep on mastering them and never be shy that you have the right attitude all along.

Take one day at a time

Don't be hard on yourself if you can't do the same effective things that you have done yesterday today.  Take your time, but don't lose track.  Have your list next to you (you can save it to your phone as a note) to remind you of the things you need to practice.

Be Unconscious

I read an article a long time ago about the success of NBA Players.  I really apologize that I forgot when, where, and how did I get to read about being unconscious as an effective way to success.  Anyway, for what I can remember, being unconscious is like being confident that you can reach your goals.

That you won't care about anyone else, that you will be careless, that you feel the sense of freedom.  It is like you will become one with your goals, your aspirations, your dreams.  As if you are dreaming while you are awake.

NBA Players use the power of the unconscious mind, the see the ball going to the hoop before they actually shoot the ball.  They don't care what will happen, they are just one with the ball, the ring, and their vision of that ball making its way to the hoop.

A moment of clarity.
The 'In The Zone' Moment....

Thanks for reading Between Paths, and I hope to see you guys again here, where I share my insights and thoughts how to be successful, and make self-improvement a lot easier than we all think.