Monday, April 21, 2014

Be a Role Model

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I want to share the importance of being a role model and some tips on how to be one.  And just a note, this topic is inspired by two very important things in my life.
The first one is my Dad.  I have looked up to him as an overall person that I want to be someday.  He really opened my potentials with a show and tell approach.
The second one is the Gospel during Maundy Thursday.  It was about the Last Supper, and how Jesus made a point about walking the talk.  I really recommend reading that gospel. You can read view it by clicking here and browse the Gospel or look it up using your favourite search engine, such as Google.
To my surprise, my Dad is read some of my articles here.  He actually suggested that I incorporate Spiritual Nourishment articles.  To everyone, I am really thrilled and excited to write this one. J

  • Let me start with the importance…

It is for us
If we continue to think about our preferences in life, we out do ourselves every day.  I remember, reading a quote from a Hindustani Proverb, “True nobility is in being superior to your previous self.”  It is really powerful if you put an effort to compete with yourself every day.  You’ll see changes around you, and notice that everything is in harmony.  You just need to be patient, which is what I want to add.

It is for our future
Depends on where you live, but I am pretty sure it won’t really make a difference; I have a feeling that the adult-child ratio can be one adult to five children?  I guess.  But what is important is you see to it that whatever the future of our society or on a global scale, we need to ensure that good things last, even when we are gone.

  • Now for some of my tips…

Before I give out my tips, for me there are three essential aspects to consider about being a role model.  What is within, what is outside, meaning the environment, and how everything is inter-connected.

Know Yourself
It is crucial to first look within you, and understand what is going on inside of you.  Know your best qualities and also your challenges, meaning your bad sides.

I recommend to:
Make a list: You can do this by self-reflection.  For example, think of those times you have helped or you have pleased someone.  Make a note and continue.

Talk with a dear friend or family member: When you talk with them either ask them straight forward questions or simply chat with them and try to catch any thing that they will say about you.
Use the internet: There are a lot of personality online tests that you can find.  One is the HumanMetrics which is based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Brigg Myers’ typological approach to personality.

Always Do The Best of Your Best
Once you have known yourself, you’ll have a general idea of your good side and bad side.  Make a habit of always doing your good side as consistent as possible.  This will reinforce that good qualities and you will soon notice a difference in you.  That you are doing better as a person every day.

Work on your challenges
When it comes to dealing with your “bad side”, you can take baby steps by making small changes.  Personally, my challenge so far is learning how to quit smoking.  We have kids around where I live, that is why it is a must that I stop because I know that they will see it as an example.

A few more suggestions:
Read articles about “how to stop…”:  The next time you visit your favourite book shop is to look around mini books of “how to…”.  You can even browse Amazon for a good book to read.  I heard some books even provide workbooks that you can use to track your progress.

Join seminars or clubs:  If you think what can work for you is working with others, then join seminars or clubs.  You’ll get a chance to know people around you, get insights about improvements, and it is also one way of getting new friends.  You’ll get to be involved in a community that expresses common concerns.
Get a life coach:  These days, you can book a life coach even at the comfort of your home.  Think of it like, if you want to learn how to play the piano, either you self-learn or you can have a mentor.

Put Everything Together
Now that you know yourself, being consistent with your good qualities, working on challenges, and getting involved in a community, it is time to put everything in place.
I think the key here is to always have a reminder, and what better way to do is document what have you been doing.  Think of it as ”A Captain’s Log”.  Use a Journal by either writing manually or you can get yourself things online that are similar.
Like a blog.  Blogs, such as Blogger or WordPress, are my suggestions.  It is a great way to document your progress, express yourself and have some sort of a “broadcasting network”, where you can share your insights.
Just like what I am doing. J
Some other things you can do are:

Download a reminder app to your smartphone: What have I done before was, I took a very nice graphical quote or motto and then set it as my screensaver.  It kept me reminded of what I want to accomplish and, eventually who I want to become.

Meditate: Now this is something that I recently tried.  I am teaching myself to meditate, which is very close to praying for me actually.  It is keeping me focus, being the person that I want to be, and it has been a big help to avoid bad habits.  You can do it on your own or if you want you may also join yoga classes or read a book about it.

Constant Learning
Now that everything has been put in to place, just like any good habit, being a role model requires constant learning.  My take is that, you can be as good as you wanted to be, but being great at something requires a lifetime of learning.
Maintain the idea that you are active in your community.  Continue inspiring young ones to learn from you and to become a mentor.  This will ensure that as you practice your efforts to be a role model, the learning never stops.
And lastly, never be afraid to practice what you know is right.
All of us play an important part to each and every one.  That is how our world works.  For us to ensure a bright future, we really need to be the person that we expect anyone should be.  Be your own critic.
The more that you improve yourself to be a role model, the more you show concern and affection.
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